"Medlex Baltics successfully combines human capital and professionalism, offering its clients friendly and responsive attitude, as well as ensuring that the clients’ linguistic needs are met in a professional, fast and responsible manner."

About us

We stand by our clients, helping them achieve their goals that are defined by the globalization age and also by their specific business needs; in addition, we help them penetrate new markets and reach new heights by unlocking the potential of effective verbal communication.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medlex Baltics has achieved the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certification and is a competent provider of medical and pharmaceutical translations in accordance with the existing industry guidelines. We understand the demands if these strictly regulated industries and consequently we try to ensure that our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical fields receive quality translations while we closely follow all the industry news, requirements, guidelines, development tendencies.

Legal Translations

Medlex Baltics has implemented large-scale European legal documentation translation projects, which involved almost a hundred translators and editors, closely following all the terminology requirements and ensuring the adequate quality control, and thus successfully meeting the clients’ expectations and helping them achieve their goal within a relatively short timeframe.